Specialist Services

Specialist Services

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For Clients

We are specialists at working with clients and adapting to their needs. Send us the work you need; whether an outline brief that needs a conceptual discussion or a defined piece of work. We can let you know if we have the expertise to confidently complete the work and whether we currently have the resources to complete it in your time frame.

On receipt of your ‘request’ we will price it on a ‘time and materials’ basis usually on a daily rate and the likely number of days needed to complete the work. Contractually we can accept client contracts or provide a suitable contract to work with our new client.

Our consultants all are fully insured as independent consultants expected to work unsupervised to deliver a service on your behalf.

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For Job Seekers

We have a range of skills that we are typically recruiting for. However, the most important requirement is that we employ people with the right ‘qualities’ to work as a consultant.

No matter how technical your skill set you will have to work in a client facing capacity taking responsibility for your work but also the company and it’s image with the client.

It is important that consultants have good communication skills (both written and verbal) and a flexible approach to their work. Consultants will often have to work on client sites or travel between offices.