Our Services

Our Services

Infrastructure Services

Both our Management Team and our Consultants know and understand the infrastructure needs of large enterprises and the importance of network security.

In particular the importance of security across the networks and the ability to back up and store data and reinstate quickly is vital to the financial services industry.

Our team are happy to work alongside and consult with your ‘in house team’ or work with your outsourced support service provider.

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Our in-depth knowledge and architectural expertise mean that we can act as a consultancy providing the ‘best way forward’ or actually implement and transition over to your nominated support company or in house team.

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Software Development

We are specialists at providing applications software and middleware software.

Our expertise can enable our clients to enhance their communications, graphics and displays, combining the myriad of spreadsheets and databases either through a new system or the design and implementation of middleware to ensure that the variety of different systems can communicate with each other.

We recognise that many organisations will have a mixture of large enterprise solutions and smaller localised departmental databases and spreadsheets and there are real benefits to be gained from integrating this software and providing management information that produces a complete overview

Additionally there is the need in many organisations for proprietary enterprise applications that must be developed to service the specialist needs of that organisation, yet be able to communicate with established standard accounts and CRM software.

Why not discuss with us your needs and whether we can help.

Web Development

Our Team can provide front end, back end or full stack development.

Whether a completely new project or working with an existing website or database we can provide a solution
We can design and build a new website or adapt an existing website.

Our design can be a simple budget site or a full blown e-commerce system.

The look and feel of the front end is a personal choice but the functionality has to be simple and effective.

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Our SEO team can also produce a well targeted site with effective copy to help ensure a good ranking.

Most databases require an effective backend database and we can either link your site to an existing established database or design one from scratch. The key is consultation and understanding your business needs.